Chris Pine's Big Surprise at the Toronto Film Festival

Saturday September 8, 2018

With Telluride and Venice just ending and Toronto in full swing, the film festival season is upon us. This is the time of the year when distributors and filmmakers drop their films on the market with hopes of end-of-the-year award gold.

But the talk of Toronto today are a number of scenes in "The Outlaw King," the period historical drama that stars Chris Pine as the Scottish hero Robert the Bruce that opened the festival last night. The Netflix produced film, which is to be released in November, has been compared to "Braveheart" and "Game of Thrones," but what had people talking wasn't so much the quality of the filmmaking, but its star's penis, which is proving to the breakout star of the festival.

Vulture reports that about a third of the way through the film Robert beds his wife (played by Florence Pugh) in which "the camera lovingly lingers on the male lead's backside, and in its willingness to go on for a beat longer than is comfortable. It's kicked off by a split-second shot where Robert disrobes, unveiling the full majesty of his medieval bush. It's a level of nudity you don't often see from male movie stars, and quite frankly, it makes Justin Theroux look like Buffalo Bill."

But that wasn't all. Later in the film Pine goes for a swim "and - surprise! - exposes his royal todger to the world. We only see it in a long shot, and the moment ends before anyone watching can finish saying 'Whoa,' but still, it's a bold move - particularly in a movie that's heading straight to Netflix. Horny GIF-makers of the world will have their hands full with this one."

Watch the trailer to the film below (unfortunately without the footage that everyone wants to screengrab).

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