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by Jamie Nicholes

NoiZe Magazine

Friday May 3, 2013

Hailing from Spain, DJ Manuel de Diego is the latest dance floor discovery by Masterbeat and the resident DJ of WE Party. Inspired by every genre of music and a passionate maestro to any crowd, the DJ/producer/remixer is a unique voice in the blur of DJ culture. noiZe caught up with him to pick his brain over music, Masterbeat and the importance of getting enough sleep.

What influenced your love of music, or why did you become a DJ?

My love for music was born with me, something I've felt from my first memory. I have always had a love for all styles of music, from jazz to R&B to pop to house, even classical. Fate brought me to the DJ booth and then on to studio production, and I couldn't be happier.

Who gave you your big break, or what was your first big gig?

My first big break was to play for WE Party's launch in Madrid, and since then we have gone around the world and grown together. Now I'm the resident of WE Party and a Masterbeat exclusive. I'm proof that dreams really can come true.

How do you prepare for your gigs? Anything special?

Sleep! The most important thing for me is to be well rested before I land in the DJ booth so that I can give all that energy to the audience in my set. While everyone else may be out partying at the pre-party, I'm home resting. In fact, one of Masterbeat's favorite stories is that they sent a driver to the house to pick the WE Party team up for WE Formula at Universal Studios last year, and it wasn't until everyone arrived at the park that Brett Henrichsen asked, "Where is Manuel?" They had left me home sleeping in bed!

Now that you've started playing at WE events in THE USA, how do you think the clubs or audience compare to Spain?

Musically speaking, I have not noticed much difference. I maintain my musical style regardless of location, and people have been very supportive both in Spain and the USA.

What DJs have inspired you?

Although I enjoy many different DJs and their styles, I have not been specifically influenced by any singular DJ in particular. I strive to create my own sound.

What has been your favorite place (or event) to spin, and why?

My favorite place was last summer at Ushuaia in Ibiza. It was so special to me to play in front of more than 8,000 people in a venue where, on any given day, superstar DJs such as David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia and Avicii headline. It was such an amazing experience.

In America, while the club scene remains segregated, gay and straight, what's your experience in other countries?

Generally the club scene is segregated all around the world. But there are more and more mixed parties (special events and festivals) that are gaining popularity and are uniquely fun for me to play.

We understand you are straight. Do you enjoy playing for the gay crowds? Are you single or dating someone special?

My musical style has been very much welcomed by the gay community, and it is always great to play for them. My music fits very well with the gay public - they are a group and an energy I feel very akin to. And, yeah, I´m single. My heart is free at the moment.

What is coming up next for Manuel de Diego? Any exciting events or production work?

I'm excited to be working on a few new original productions as well as remixes of classic favorites, including "Love" featuring Mc Levit, "Say What You Want," and "To the Moon and Back" featuring Mario Larrea (this Savage Garden classic has become a huge hit for me around the world.)

Where can we hear Manuel de Diego next?

In the USA I play exclusively for Masterbeat, and you can catch me at the WE Party Around the USA tour on June 1st in Orlando, June 8th in Los Angeles and August 30th in New York. And for more information you can visit See you on the dance floor!

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