Watch: What Was with Kieran Culkin's 'Dick Pic' on 'Succession?'

Tuesday December 7, 2021

On this week's penultimate Season 3 episode of HBO's "Succession," Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) appears to have the edge in the high-stakes sibling rivalry for control of Waystar, the media empire run by his authoritarian dad Logan (Brian Cox). Shiv (Sarah Snook), his sister and his biggest competitor for the affections of Logan, has all but been cut out of the high-level decision-making process; while the estranged Kendall (Jeremy Strong) is brutally humiliated by his father (again). And then there's the third brother Connor (Alan Ruck), who is running for President and embarrasses himself by proposing to his girlfriend in a very public way at his mother's Tuscan wedding event.

For his part, Roman has appeared to clinch a deal for a partnership with Lukas Mattson (Alexander Skarsgård), the internet savant whose company GoJo is going to bring Waystar into the 21st century. In a shrewd series of maneuvers, Roman turns a negative into a positive by convincing his father that a merger not a buyout would be the Roy's best interest in negotiating with Mattson.

But at the point of his triumph, bad boy Roman embarrasses himself and puts his new position in danger by sending a dick pic of himself to his father. Obviously, it was not intentional. It was meant for Gerri Kellman (J. Smith-Cameron)., the company's general counsel, with whom Roman has had a brief affair. Realizing how inappropriate their sex thing was, Gerri has tried to call it off; but Roman's persistence leads him to continue to send her dick pics, such as the one he mistakingly sends to Logan.

"In one of the cringiest moments in a series that is masterful at making viewers cringe, Roman accidentally sends his own father a dick pic, one he meant to text to Gerri after she congratulated him on persuading Logan to move forward with a merger with GoJo," reports Vulture. "The chain of events is horrifying and hilarious in equal measure, and also enables Kieran Culkin to make some facial expressions that should be given their own Emmy Award category. It's also not surprising behavior from Roman."

The pic does come as something of a shock, because, as The Sword puts it "especially when you consider that besides a few slight exceptions, 'Succession' has really never shown any type of nudity." (You can see the pic at that link.)

And was a hilarious moment on the show, bringing levity to the tense, board room scene. Logan goes ballistic and confronts his son. Amusingly, an embarrassed Roman attempts to explain a 'dick pic' to his dad, who replies he is aware of them. "We do publish a number of popular newspapers," he corrects his son.

The meeting doesn't go well, with Logan asking his son if he's a "sicko," then dismissing him with a demonstrative "Fuck off." How this will affect the business dynamic remains to be seen, but Shiv took full advantage of the situation, humiliating Gerri by suggesting she file a sexual harassment complaint against her brother. Her strategy is to knock out Roman and be the chosen sibling in the show's central power struggle.

Whether or not that is Kieran Culkin's actual penis is not known, but The Sword had earlier pointed out that a host of popular podcast "Discretion Advised" claims that the actor has another sterling physical attribute.

"I said this on my show the other day, but I have heard that he has a legendarily amazingly perfect ass," revealed the host. "Yeah, he was like, 'You would never know, but he has objectively the hottest ass. Like, a secretly like low-key, hot amazing, beautiful ass... Firm and hot and high — that's how it's been described to me," said co-host John Hill of the "Discretion Advised" podcast. (Hill co-hosts with Marc MacNamara).

Hill did not see Culkin's bare rear in person, rather "he heard from a straight man who has seen his ass in real life."

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