Watch: Move Over 'Drag Race,' New Reality Show Looks for First Gogo Superstar

Tuesday May 10, 2022
Originally published on May 10, 2022

Contestants from "GoGo For The Gold."
Contestants from "GoGo For The Gold."  (Source:YouTube)

Is America ready for its first Gogo Superstar?

Ready or not, the first televised reality competition is poised for broadcast next month with "Gogo For The Gold," OUTtv's new competition series, created and hosted by Jonny McGovern ("Hey Qween") and Gogo veteran and OnlyFans star Greg McKeon. In the show, the pair search for America's next champion Gogo superstar.

The queer community has spent the last decade celebrating the queens on 'Drag Race,' but the other stars of the gay club are the Gogo boys," says McGovern in

For the show, McGovern and McKeon have assembled a diverse cast of Gogos that encompass a wide range of body types from traditional masculine hunks to thick 'n juicy bears, smooth twinks, and even femme dancers who serve it up in heels. One of the contestants is a trans man. All are competing for a $10k cash prize.

The competition consists of challenges that touch upon each contestant's facets as a Gogo dancer, including their talents as influencers, models and nightlife representatives.

In an interview with, McGovern describes the show as "a tongue-in-cheek look for 'America's #1 Champion Gogo Superstar.' It's a reality competition show based on my many years working in nightlife with go-go boys. It's so fun, so hilarious and sexy, but has a lot of heart. It really highlights the creativity and ingenuity of go-go boys and shows a wide spectrum of sexy, inclusive of different body types, and a wide range of ethnicities and gender expressions which we all thought was very important to spotlight on the show."

Contestant Zaddy
Contestant Zaddy  (Source: YouTube)

McKeon heads the judges' panel, called the "Gogo Gods," who will score based on four criteria: Fantasy, Body, Dance, and Individuality. One or more GoGos are eliminated each week until the final strip down when the winner, called STUD (Super Talented Underwear Dancer), is crowned.

Judging the contestants will be the "Gogo Gods," headed by supreme Gogo veteran Greg McKeon. Each judge scores based on four important criteria: Fantasy, Body, Dance, and Individuality. One or more Gogos are eliminated each week until the final strip down when GOGO FOR THE GOLD crowns its STUD — Super Talented Underwear Dancer — and officially proclaims him as 'America's #1 Champion Gogo Superstar Star '

"I started Gogo dancing while I was a student at UC Berkeley," says Greg McKeon. "I was really shy at the time and when I first stepped up on top of the bar, my heart was racing. But I relished in the attention! That first night, I made over $500 and I never looked back."

He credits being a Gogo dancer as launching his Hollywood career, which includes multiple roles in movies (including "Eating Out") and TV shows ("Nip / Tuck" and "Teen Wolf'). He was the resident lap dancer on Jonny McGovern's popular OUTtv talk show, "Hey Qween."

"Greg and I first met on the set of my 'Sexy Nerd' music video," Jonny McGovern explains. "We started our partnership by throwing some of the hottest parties in LA."

Scenes from "GoGo For The Gold."
Scenes from "GoGo For The Gold."  (Source: YouTube)

"The parties we threw all centered around the Gogo boy," McKeon jumps in. "We would develop the guys, teaching them the ins and outs of being successful on the box and working with them individually to elevate their art."

They aim to do the same on "Gogo For The Gold," but this time in front of millions of fans cheering the Gogos on at home. "There's never been a reality competition show that showcases the talent, ingenuity, and sexiness of the Gogo boy," McKeon reflects. "This will be the first time that Gogo boys will be given the spotlight they have long deserved."

For McGovern, the show is also a way of showing positive body images. "In our community, a lot of us deal with low self-esteem and body dysmorphia no matter what you look like in other people's eyes. I think the body positivity cheerleading that has happened over the last few years has been an incredibly positive thing and has even helped me be more accepting and loving of my own body," he told