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Fisk University President Receives Restraining Order After Accusations of Drugging Grindr Date

Tuesday August 11, 2020

President of Fisk University Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr.
President of Fisk University Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr.  (Source:Fisk University)

"A restraining order has been placed on the President of Fisk University Dr. Kevin Rome, Sr. after a person he used to date told police he did not feel safe around him," reports WSMV, News 4 Nashville.

The petitioner claimed to be President Rome's former intimate partner and that he was afraid for his safety, writes writes the website Scoop Nashville.

The petitioner allegedly met Dr. Rome on a Grindr hook-up in early May. A week later, Rome returned to his apartment where he claims Rome drugged him with GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate) and invited strangers to his apartment for a night of drug and sex, the Scoop Nashville report continues.

What prompted the restraining order was a message delivered to the petitioner on August 6 by someone he recognized from the May party. The message said for the petitioner to "stay away from his people" and that he would be killed if he "continued to date black men," the Scoop Nashville report adds.

The message also claimed its bearer and Dr. Rome vandalized the petitioner 's apartment in mid-June, saying they broke in, wrote homophobic things on the walls, stole items and tampered with the plumbing that caused considerable damage.

"The alleged victim has been living in a hotel since his home was broken into and believes that President Kevin Rome's motivation was jealously from him dating Rome's ex. The order of protection claims the man is "terrified to leave" his home due to "the threat on my (his) life". He swore to the fact that he believes Dr. Rome will kill him," writes Scoop Nashville.

When asked about the accusation, Dr. Rome told Scoop Nashville: "I'm just as shocked as you, I have no idea who this person is and I can't even respond to it because I don't even know who they are." He became the 16th President of Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee on July 1st, 2017, is married to Stefanie Rome. They have two children.

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