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Romania launches online gay TV

Associated Press

Wednesday August 27, 2008

Homosexuals in Romania are to get their own online TV channel, dedicated to "the life and problems of the gay community," starting October 1, its creators said Monday.

The channel, dubbed Angelicuss TV, will be the first of its kind in this majority Orthodox country, where homosexuality was only decriminalised in 2001.

Launched in the northwestern town of Cluj by the anti-discrimination group Be An Angel, the channel will only be broadcast on the Internet.

But the varied programme will include "gay music, news, entertainment and films," the channel announced on its website.

"(It) will be a means of communication in the gay community as well as with the Romanian public as a whole," said "Be An Angel" director Lucian Dunareanu.

And the channel will not show any pornographic or indecent material, its creators insisted.

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