Watch: Homophobic 'Karen' Defaces Pride Flag Artwork, Says LGBTQ People Should 'Shut-Up'

Wednesday June 9, 2021

The unknown woman who defaced a public art display of a LGBTQ flag in Tennessee
The unknown woman who defaced a public art display of a LGBTQ flag in Tennessee  (Source:Screenshot via TikTok/@yummy_carmennn420)

Meet the latest homophobic "Karen" who defaced a public art display of a LGBTQ Pride flag and was caught on video.

Karen has became a cultural meme for racist, entitled white women. Recently homophobic Karens have arrived on the scene. Last weekend, a number of them took on a lesbian couple for a PDA in a public pool in Sacramento because there were children present, EDGE reported earlier this week.

TMZ reports that recently another anonymous Karen defaced a rainbow Pride flag graphic that was painted on a bridge in a location designed by the community for public expression somewhere in Tennessee.


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The woman engaged in a conversation with two teenagers who stopped to confront her about her actions and posted their conversation on TikTok.

The woman defended her actions, saying: "I have just as much right as you. I have more damn right, because you know why? I work, I pay taxes. I am an American."

Assuming the young women were a couple, she turned her focus to what she thinks of the LGBTQ community.

"I am sick of you-all's shit. You all are just constantly, It's constantly always trying to stand out. Make a big fucking scene. If you would all just shut up," she said.

"We're making a scene?" one of the the teens asked incredulously as the woman spray painted over the rainbow Pride flag.

"Look all you want to do is express. Express. Express," she responded.

"It's unclear exactly where this went down in Tennessee, but it's almost certain to add to the stigma of the name Karen ... which has plummeted in popularity over the past year thanks to incidents like this," TMZ writes.

The Huffington Post recently wrote that the Social Security Administration reported how unpopular the name has become almost overnight. "In 2020, Karen fell 171 spots on the popularity list to No. 831 (down from No. 660 in 2019). That decline makes Karen the name with the 14th-biggest decrease on the girls list in 2020 and marks its lowest ranking on the annual SSA list since the year 1927."