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Watch: Margaret Cho Celebrates the It Gets Better Project's 10th Anniversary

Wednesday March 24, 2021

It Gets Better Project returns with another round 10-Year Anniversary video series "10 Years Better," this time with comedian and actress Margaret Cho.

The series features celebrities, influencers and everyday people who record It Gets Better videos early on, rewatching and reacting to provide words of encouragement to young LGBTQ+ people.

Cho spoke with host Denny Directo for the series -- her "10 Years Better"

Margaret was one of the very first celebrities to join the "It Gets Better" movement in 2010 in response to a string of suicides among young LGBTQ+ people. Her original video (below) was touching, poignant, and truly reflected the message of the It Gets Better campaign.

Now, 10 years later, Margaret reflects on reasons she decided to share her video with the world, growing up in San Francisco with parents who owned a gay bookstore, her own journey to finding self-acceptance as a bisexual woman, and queer AAPI representation.

In her reaction video, Margaret says, "I think the 'It Gets Better' campaign is such a genius campaign, and it's something that's really needed, and I think it's something that we missed out with my generation because many people died of AIDS.

"We didn't have this slightly older generation telling you, 'it's going to be ok' because they were dead. We needed to do that for the younger step up and do that, even though we didn't have a generation doing that for us."