Masterbeat Welcomes 2014 at the Mayan Theater

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Monday December 30, 2013

Everything you have heard about Masterbeat's New Year's Eve party series is true. Every December, Brett Henrichsen and his crew take over the biggest venues in L.A. and transform them into fantasy lands that bring in men from all over the country. Masterbeat's collaborations with Spain's WE Party has meant even more spectacular, eye-popping visuals and an international roster of DJ superstars. What has become Los Angeles' biggest and brightest spot on the gay party map is also the largest series of gay-flavored New Year's celebrations in the country. You'll be dancing with thousands of the hottest men, from party to party to afterparty. Prepare now for your weekend - and expect to be dazzled.

In 2012, the world ended. Those lucky enough to be inside Masterbeat's event at the Hollywood Palladium survived and built a new world. In 2013, Masterbeat's new Time Travel Machine took us on a journey into the future. Now it's 2014, and time for the largest New Year's events in the world to return to Los Angeles for the 14th annual Masterbeat New Year's Eve. What lies in store for us in 2014?

The party returns to everyone's favorite Los Angeles venue, the legendary Mayan Theater, which will once again transform for New Year's with Masterbeat's signature production values. More sound, lights and lasers are being brought in for 2014, along with original 3d LED walls and spectacular dancers from around the world.

Just before midnight, giant screens will descend to display the signature countdown video highlighting the events and music of 2013. Thousands stand entranced by the memories of 2013 that are compile into 10,000 video clips set to music counting down to the New Year.

For 2014, the pair of Masterbeat's favorite and most requested DJ's spin together - DJ's Aron and Alyson Calagna will run the decks to take you on the musical journey from one year into the next.

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