Alegria San Francisco :: Memorial Day Weekend

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Sunday April 27, 2014

This Memorial Day Weekend, the most famous and revered gay dance franchise is spreading its wings and heading west. Men from all over the world converge on New York City several times a year to dance from night well into the morning (very well into the morning!). All they need to hear is "Alegria," and they know that they are going to be experiencing a one-of-a-kind event.

Trust us: Everything you have ever heard about Alegria is true. The gogo dancers are the most superb sculpted hunks on the planet, dressed in fantasy outfits beyond your wildest imagination - and great dancers to boot (or "boots"). As for DJs, Alegria has established a new standard for gay dance parties: Hard, driving, beat consistent but also upbeat, mashing hits into spirals that loop, whirl, go dark and come out on the other side. The decor, built in Brazil and shipped to our shores, provides a mirror-ball fantasy that, along with the sound, lights and throngs of dancers, takes you on a journey into the gay version of Fantasyland.

It's the vibe on the dance floor, however, that has established Alegria as "the" gay party event. The men are hot. We're talking wall-to-wall muscle, but not to worry: There's plenty of room for regular guys, gals, people of all ages. This is a friendly dance floor because everyone is having such a damn good time. "Everyone" here means a sea of pulsating bodies, because Alegria isn't about lounges or the usual dance clubs. Like everything concerning Alegria, we're not just talking big-room club, but a mega-outfitted space.

Now, Northern Californians - or Southern Californians, for that matter, and everyone else within a driving or short plane hop to San Francisco, can experience Alegria without having to traverse the continent. Ric Sena, the presiding genius behind Alegria, will ensure Bay boiz that this mega-party will instantly become the one everyone will be talking about all summer long.

Now that it's here, the marriage of the biggest brand in gay nightlife and America's gay capital. If ever there was a union made in heaven, it's got to be this one. But don't take our word for it. Get your ticket in advance, pull together your posse, get a new outfit (even though that tank top will spend the night around your belt loop), and get set for an adventure that will have even the most jaded San Franciscans (you know who you are) admitting, "Yes, this is a party. Thank you, Ric."

There's a reason "Waiting for Alegria" has become the party's anthem: Everybody waits for Alegria. San Francisco, wait no longer. Your moment under the giant Alegria disco ball has arrived.

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