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Saturday February 1, 2014

Get ready, Chicago: Super-promoter/producer Ric Sena is bringing the signature gay party brand to heat up the night before President's Day.

Yes, Alegria, the event that has become world famous for its super-hot crowd, smoking-hot go-go dancers, sizzling production values and scorching DJs will have you burning up no matter what the thermometer outside says.

This party is guaranteed to be an ingathering of the Midwestern tribe. If you've been faithfully trudging through the snow to the gym all winter, this is the perfect opportunity to take your shirt off and flash. If you haven't, you can still work up a sweat: There's room on the packed dancefloor of an Alegria for all of us (including the female member of your posse).

If you've never gone to an Alegria in New York, the wait is over. The party has finally come to you. And since it's a holiday, you can keep dancing well into the morning. Passing up what promises to be Chicago's signature event of 2014 this President's Day Weekend would be ... well, it would be unpatriotic!

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