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Take All Our Money: Diptyque Launches Home Cleaning Collection

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday June 8, 2022

The brand behind the world's most coveted candle has expanded their collection to help elevate even the most mundane of chores: House cleaning. According to a press release, Diptyque "takes delight in inventing new ways of perfuming your days while adding enchantment to your evenings." And as anyone who has ever burned one of their candles will tell you, the enchantment factor is very real.

Called La Droguerie, the Parisian fragrance house has launched a full collection of household cleaning products they say serve as an invitation to care for the interior of your home, blending beauty with utility and sensual enjoyment with respect for the environment. And not only are the products gorgeous, but their fragrances promise to send the imagination roaming.

Dishwashing Liquid with Orange Blossom & Cleaning Brush

The Dishwashing Liquid cleans and degreases dishes and utensils in no time. Discreetly decorative when not in use, it foams nicely when required. It is delicately perfumed, emanating agreeable notes of orange blossom, mandarin, and basil that are rounded, lively, and herbaceous. And for dishes that have been in the oven or still have yesterday's food dried on, La Droguerie provides an assistant in the form of a brush made of beechwood and tough vegetable fibre bristles. Need to clean some soil off your vegetables before cooking? The brush takes such challenges in its stride — it's quite the star performer, in fact. Dishwashing Liquid, $40; Dish Brush, $15,

Multi-Surface Cleaner With Vinegar

This multi-tasking Multi-Surface Cleaner washes, degreases, descales, and cleans, leaving everything gleaming in its wake — from kitchen to bathroom, from top to bottom, taking in walls, tiles, the insides of fridges and cupboards, food processors, taps and pipework, doorknobs, switches... even mobile phone cases. For chemical and compatibility reasons, avoid any contact with mineral surfaces made of marble, quartz, or similar surfaces. Its vinegar fragrance, wrapped in lavender, cedar, and fig tree notes is discrete... yet subtly aromatic. $40,

Leather and Wood Care Lotion with Beeswax

This Lotion is both a beauty secret and a source of instant olfactory delight. It waxes, polishes, nourishes, adds shine, and protects wood and leather. Designed for use on all wood types, it can readily be applied to chests of drawers, banisters, wood paneling, and picture frames. The magic is equally effective on leather objects, clothing, and accessories, bringing back the shine to club chairs, leather jackets, shoes, handbags, and wallets. Wherever it's used, the beeswax adds its restorative qualities while filling the air with an unmistakable honey-tinged note underscored by cedar and patchouli. $30,

Ceramic Oval for Wool and Delicate Textiles with Cedar Wood

When placed inside a wardrobe, the Ceramic Oval will keep cashmere pullovers, fleece coats, and scarves free from moths. Should greed and gluttony tempt them to take up residence, it acts as a strong deterrent. The notes of cedar wood and lavender, essences known for their ability to ward off insects, also perfume the space quite subtly. The Ceramic Oval is made to last, with a spray available for refills as the months go by. One spray is enough to reactivate its qualities, allowing the user to rediscover its bouquet every morning while keeping the location secure. $45,

Anti-Odor Candle with Basil

The candle included in this collection is no ordinary candle. It has a very clear mission and a key specific feature: Instead of simply masking, it absorbs the relevant molecules, eliminating odors for good. Disagreeable smells caused by cooking (e.g. stewing or grilling), stale tobacco or unwashed laundry are replaced with the fragrance of fresh basil, mint and crushed tomato leaves — an evocation of summer, all year round. $70,