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Got Kids? Get this.

by Jason Salzenstein

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday May 26, 2008

By now you've probably realized that among same-sex couples, kids are the new black (Gucci bag). And whether it's simply an attempt to emulate the Material Girl herself (haven't you heard? Everyone who's anyone is vacationing in Malawi this year...) or a natural progression of a repressed group finding increased societal acceptance and therefore growing into roles previously reserved for traditional couples, one thing is certain: these kids are going to be excellent citizens. How do I know that? Because gays are more accepting, better-educated, culturally savvy, and (normally) not freaky right-wing conservative assholes.

We also have excellent taste, which we pass on to both our own and our friends' children. For example? Forget Everybody Poops (although it's quite a good book); this year it's all about Everybody Eats Lunch. This fabulous little lunchbox-shaped book by Cricket Azima not only lets kids (and his or her parents) explore what, how, when, and where kids from other countries and cultures take their midday meal, it also inspires kids to express themselves through cooking and the arts, while fostering multicultural understanding. Umm... fabulous!

The interactive book is educational, interesting, and fun to read. Written by noted children's cooking expert (and best-selling author), Azima, Everybody Eats Lunch engages kids from 4-11 using colorful, removable images of foods from Brazil, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, and Jamaica, helping kids learn about other cultures, while also fostering positive relationships between children and food. As Azima said, "While practicing basic cooking skills, children also learn and enhance other traditional disciplines, such as reading, math, science, social science, nutrition, history and geography."

We couldn't have put it better- and we couldn't recommend it more. If you've got kids- or know someone who does- add this to your Amazon list.

Everybody Eats Lunch, by Cricket Azima, is available for $16 or less at bookstores nationwide and

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