Factors You Need to Remember When Buying E-Cig Mods

Thursday June 9, 2022

Factors You Need to Remember When Buying E-Cig Mods
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If you're new to vaping and think you've seen everything that meets the eye, wait until you behold the uniquely-looking e-cigarette mods! Customizable to any tank according to your preference, e-cigarette mods represent the battery part of every e-cigarette that powers your vapor.

Unusual yet pretty functional, vape mods slowly replace the regular-looking e-cigarette or vape pen for a more advanced, technological, and discreet look. With more than a few shapes and sizes already available for purchase, e-cigarette mods are the new go-to for customizable features and adjustments!

Keeping up with the trend is easy; choosing is the tricky part. With a vape device applicable to every occasion, the picks have gotten way harder than they used to be. But first, let's go over the factors you need to consider when buying an e-cig mod!

Why are E-Cig Mods Popular?

In the older times, e-cigarettes resembled something sort of a writing pen, the size of a traditional cigarette. However, since these electronics were on the smaller side, their longevity was not a guarantee. The older e-cigarettes ran out of battery life fairly quickly and had almost no advanced features as you would see in vape devices today.

Another downside to the old-timey e-cigarette is its liquid capacity, which was small because it had to mimic a regular cigarette. Since e-cigarettes looked like this in the past, manufacturers took notice of these disadvantages to improve the product's design and performance.

The simple and small e-cigarette has evolved to offer more advanced features, including extended battery life and bigger battery-holders, and enormous tanks for plenty of liquid!

With further development, vape mods were introduced as a new and more worthwhile alternative, with adjustable power output, advanced batteries, LED displays, puff counters, and temperature controls.

How To Choose The Right E-cigarette Mod?

Today, you can find e-cigarette mods for just about every taste, and the types of mods available on the market differ in a feature or two. It all should equal what you're looking for in a vape device and fits your style and flavor.

Always choose a vape mod that resembles your vape routine, and ask the following questions:

  • Do I need the vape mod to fit in my pocket?

  • What power setting should I look for?

  • Am I looking for a smooth or strong hit?

  • Can I afford a vape mod?

  • Am I looking for big hits or big vape mods?

  • What design should I look for?

    After you answer these questions, you'll get a clearer perspective on what you look for in an e-cigarette mod. For an ultimate vaping experience, shop e-cig online on Provape!

    Factors You Need to Remember When Buying E-Cig Mods

    After you answer some basic questions about your future vape mod, you should consider the primary factors influencing your time with it.

    It's not just the look that matters, but you'll have to consider the following factors, too:

  • Safety;

  • Battery life;

  • Mod size;

  • Temperature control;

  • Wattage;

  • Settings interface;

  • Interchangeable tanks;

  • Customizable power.


    Safety is crucial not only in smoking but in vaping, too. You wouldn't want a child playing around with your e-cigarette mod, so it needs to boast safety features. A proper e-cigarette mod will have overcharge protection, a lock, and over-discharge protection.

    Battery Life

    If you're more of a chain vaper, e-cig mods might be your thing. Compared to other vape kits, they offer a huge battery life, and their vape batteries have an interchangeable option. It's a pretty neat thing, and you won't have to worry about running out of battery during breaks or when you need your vape mod the most!

    Mod Size

    If you want your vape mod to fit your pocket, you need to pay attention to its size. Because mods are way bigger than usual e-cigarettes, you may want to opt for a bag rather than a pocket. Think about how practical carrying around an e-cigarette mod would be and if you have something to keep it in.

    Temperature Control

    You might be a fan of a strong throat hit, but you wouldn't want the vapor to burn. A proper vape mod is necessary to offer temperature control that you can customize according to what you can endure and like. With an easy-to-understand e-cig mod, you'll regulate the temperature to a more balanced state.


    Some coils, which are a necessary part of your e-cigarette mod, aren't that resistant. So if you're going for extreme wattage, make sure it matches your coil. Pay attention to the prescribed wattage range added on your mod, as not all of them are either 1W or 200W.

    Settings Interface

    E-cigarette mods can have a unique-looking interface as well. Some may even come with LED displays that offer users access to various features.

    The user can look at how their vapor is produced, control the temperature, etc. A responsive interface can help you accommodate your vaping experience just as you please, and this is why we consider e-mods a gift from technology!

    Interchangeable Tanks

    Since e-cigarette mods are on the bigger side, they offer the ability to customize their atomizers or tanks. One of the best qualities of owning a vape mod is playing around with its appearance. The user can change tanks or atomizers with varying liquid amounts.

    That means that a vape mod is versatile, and you can change the intensity of flavor any time you want by removing or changing the tanks. There are different types of tanks that you can use, either one that can hold more significant amounts of liquid or ones that can help you create vapor for cloud-chasing.

    Adjustable Power

    E-cigarette mods are the most powerful of all vape devices, and with various wattage ranges, you can have an ultimate customizable vaping experience. With a usual vape pen, you might experience a delay in creating vapor because it takes time for the coil to heat up. However, you can pull up the wattage and accelerate things to an instant hit with vape mods.