Watch: Netflix Releases Trailer for Ryan Murphy's 'Halston'

Wednesday May 5, 2021
Originally published on May 3, 2021

Ewan McGregor as fashion designer Halston in the upcoming Netflix series
Ewan McGregor as fashion designer Halston in the upcoming Netflix series  (Source:Netflix)

Netflix released the first trailer from Ryan Murphy's upcoming mini-series "Halston," which stars Ewan McGregor as the iconic fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick, known by the single name Halston, Indiewire reported.

In a press release, the show, which begins streaming in May 14, is described this way: "The limited series Halston follows the legendary fashion designer (Ewan McGregor), as he leverages his single, invented name into a worldwide fashion empire that's synonymous with luxury, sex, status and fame, literally defining the era he lives in, 1970's and '80's New York — until a hostile takeover forces him to battle for control of his most precious asset... the name Halston itself. The series is Executive Produced by Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, Alexis Martin Woodall, Daniel Minahan, Ewan McGregor, Eric Kovtun, Sharr White, and Christine Vachon and Pamela Koffler of Killer Films. Minahan also serves as the series director."

The series marks, as Indiewire noted, is "the first collaboration between Ryan Murphy and Killer Films' Christine Vachon and Pamela Koffler, marking a merging of the minds of some of queer cinema's most prolific and influential producers — albeit in very different arenas. If their previous work is any indication, 'Halston' will combine the visual sumptuousness of 'Carol' with the campy intrigue of 'American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace.'"

It co-stars Bill Pullman as American businessman David J. Mahoney, Rory Culkin as famed gay director Joel Schumacher, and Vera Farmiga as a woman simply named Adele. Broadway star Krysta Rodriguez ("Smash") plays Liza Minnelli, who was the designer's muse and bff at the height of his fame.

Among the producers is Daniel Minahan, who also served as the series' director., Minahan, Indiewire wrote, "is gay, has directed episodes of "Six Feet Under," "Deadwood," "True Blood," "Game of Thrones" and even "The L Word." He was also the writer and second unit director of Mary Harron's debut feature 'I Shot Andy Warhol,' a beloved queer cult classic starring Lili Taylor as Valerie Solanas."

The casting of McGregor has been questioned as part of the ongoing debate about straight actors playing gay roles. But the actor, Vogue reported was Murphy's first choice for the role. "The thing that Ewan got about Halston was that Halston had a vision in his mind of who he wanted to be in life. He was self-created... "Ewan really connected with the pain of Halston and the longing of Halston, and how confusing it is to have to be an artist and a businessman at the same time. Other things as well—the power of a muse, for example."

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