The exterior of Clonezone after the attack Source: BBC

Man Arrested in Attacks on LGBTQ+ Store in Manchester's Gay Village


A 29-year-old man has been held on suspicion of criminal damage in connection with a series of attacks on a shop in the British city of Manchester's Gay Village, according to the BBC.

The arrest came after the fifth attack on the shop in the past four months by masked men on motorcycles. The shop, Clonezone in Sackville Street in the British city, was targeted again on Sunday afternoon.

That attack took place around 2 p.m., reported the Manchester Evening News. "Police said a masked offender attempted to break the steel panels guarding the shopfront before throwing an object at the doors and security equipment, causing around £3,500 [worth] of damage."

On Thursday, the Greater Manchester Police said a 29-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. "This was in connection with a 'series of incidents' at Clonezone, police said. He remains in custody where he will be quizzed by detectives,'' wrote the Manchester Evening News.

"On Sunday, two men approached the shop on a bike and attempted to smash the windows before throwing an object at them, officers said. Speaking to the M.E.N previously, Clonezone manager Richard Tropez said the incident was 'absolutely terrifying' for the staff inside."

"It's done very minimal damage because of the investment that we have put in to the panels," he said. "But they've actually gone a step further this time. They obviously thought they had not done enough damage."

Chief Inspector Steve Wiggins told the BBC: "This is the second arrest in connection with this series of disturbing incidents, but the investigation is still very much ongoing. The attacks are very specific with offenders arriving on bikes and causing significant damage."

"We are keen to find out the motivations behind the attacks and believe that will help us with tracing those responsible and bringing them to justice," Wiggins said.

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