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Watch: Dakota Johnson Comes Out as a Lesbian in 'Am I OK?'

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Dakota Johnson is poised to make a grippingly dramatic queer debut in the upcoming film "Am I OK?"

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Johnson stars as Lucy, a 32-year-old whose world is turned upside down with the realization that she is a lesbian. Not to be outdone, her best friend Jane (played by Sonoya Mizuno) reveals that she is also entering her own season of change.

Chaos ensues, and there are a lot of tears as Lucy moves from Los Angeles to London and enters the queer dating pool for the first time.

"I'm 32 years old; I should have figured this out by now," says Johnson in the trailer while crying in bed – and, honestly, we feel the same way.

The trailer also shows many moments of self-reflection and awkwardness for Lucy as she comes into her own. She takes a "How to know if you're a lesbian quiz" online and is seen rejecting one woman's advances.

"I'm nervous all the time, and I'm scared of everything," Lucy explains to bestie Jane. "It can be really scary to try new things."

The story is largely based on the coming out story of Emmy-winning writer Lauren Pomerantz, a former writer for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," who also happened to be on set during Johnson's infamous exchange with the talk show host.

"I took my whole coming out late story, and I used that, and I really based it on a real-life friendship with my best friend Jessica [Elbaum], who is also a producer on this movie," Pomerantz told Entertainment Weekly. "I started writing it as a friendship movie based on our friendship. We had sort of a big fight, and then we're friends again, but then simultaneously, I was struggling to come out. And so I realized that was the story that I really wanted to tell."

After initially having another actress in mind to play Lucy, Pomerantz says Johnson won her over with awkward mannerisms that were similar to hers.

"She was fantastic, and I'm just incredibly grateful that she did it," says Pomerantz. "She captured everything I could ever have hoped for in that character – the confusion, the insecurity, all of the inner turmoil I think really came out."

After coming out in her early 30s, Pomerantz said she "definitely felt like it was late, and now it still feels delayed." One of the messages of the film is "It's never too late," Pomerantz says. "I think that's part of it, though. You put so much pressure on yourself, and you make your own constraints whether or not they need to exist."

Making the film with other queer women, including Tig Notaro as co-director with her wife and fellow comedian Stephanie Allynne, was a piece of cake, says Pomerantz.

"We got to talk about it and talk about the characters and really explore the relationship and those feelings," she says. "It was very easy to talk to them about everything, because Stephanie had the experience [of coming out later]."

Yet still there were a lot of tears, "a lot of crying because that was so real," Pomerantz explains. "It makes me laugh, and it made the people making it laugh because it is real. I didn't want to sort of gloss over the fact that it wasn't upsetting and challenging. And so I put a lot of crying in there, so that you feel that."

Rounding out the "Am I OK?" cast includes Jermaine Fowler, Kiersey Clemons, Molly Gordon, Sean Hayes, and Notaro, and the film will hit Max on June 6.

Watch the trailer below and try not to cry too much.

by Emell Adolphus

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