Jake Wilson, left, and Gus Kenworthy, right Source: Instagram / @guskenworthy

Gus Kenworthy Quenches Fans Thirst with Latest IG Photo Dump


Gus Kenworthy might not be as active on social media as his fans want him to be, but when he does pop in he makes sure to give his 1.2 million followers what they want.

The out athlete posted his latest photo dump to Instagram Monday, sharing a number of (sexy) pics that find Kenworthy celebrating his friends' bachelor party in New Orleans from a few weeks ago.

"Two weeks ago two of my besties @chaosvicenzi & @justin_muir had their joint stag do in New Orleans and... 'the vibes [were] crazy!' 🤪🫠😵‍💫," he captioned the post. He also posted a number of pics and vids to his Instagram Stories.

The first pic finds a shirtless Kenworthy holding up a beer, clearly having a good time. Other snaps feature the Olympian with friends, holding a Pride flag, eating pizza and drinking - and, of course, more shirtless selfies. The festivities must have been something else, as even NOLA.com reported on Kenworthy's trip and what he was drinking at the time.

"Kenworthy started his trip with a famous 'Purple Drank' from Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop on Bourbon Street. The grape-flavored frozen daiquiri is one of the most popular in the city, and it helped Kenworthy cool off from the New Orleans humidity, which he documented with a sweaty selfie," the newspaper writes. "Kenworthy and his friends took on the French Quarter, danced to Chappell Roan and with a 'HUGE ASS BEERS' sign and spent some time doing synchronized moves by an undisclosed pool."

Check it out the post below.

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